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Lipolysis also known as fat-reducing-injection, is suitable to reduce superfluous love handles and other small areas of unwanted, generously, accumulated, subcutaneous fat.

It's a new way of easy and gently melting a bulging waistline away.

The active ingredient phosphatidylcholine (PPC, soy lecithin) is injected into the subcutaneous fat cells using finest micro needles.

The dissolving fat cells, concludes to an increased breakdown of fat in the treated area, leading to an increased excretion.

With the help of our body's own metabolism, the "dissolved fat cells" are transported away,

the skin tightens and becomes smooth. The treated area begins with the "body shaping". The "melting" of the fat cells takes up to six weeks.

You can see that the girth is measurably reduced at the treated area. If the fat-away syringe contains the correct dose and is used correctly, between one and five treatments are required depending on the patient, the size of the unwanted area of excessive subcutaneous fat, and the area of the body.


In order to check the success of the treatment, a check-up should be arranged after a few weeks time. There should be at least two to four, but better eight weeks between the individual injections, as fat dissolution is only complete after this period of time. In most cases, a result is visible after about six weeks. However, since every patient reacts differently to lipolysis, it is difficult to make exact predictions.

Researcher under the direction of private lecturer Dr. Lukas Prantl come to the conclusion that lipolysis can be used effectively to reduce fat deposits. (Scientific publication: Klein, Silvan M .; Schreml, Stephan; Nerlich, Michael; Prantl, Lukas (2009): In Vitro Studies Investigating the

Effect of Subcutaneous Phosphatidylcholine Injections in the 3T3-L1 Adipocyte

Model: Lipolysis or Lipid Dissolution? In: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

124 (2): 419-427, August 2009.)

Lipolysis is suitable for:

  • Reduction of unwanted areas of excessive subcutaneous fat

  • Reduction of the love handles

  • on the inner and outer thighs

  • Reduction of muffin top

  • For cellulite (in connection with exercise and a change in diet)

  • Reduction of subcutaneous fat in the face and on the neck (double chin, hamster cheeks)

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