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MyoPuncture Procedure

MyoPuncture™ is an advanced, micro-invasive, musculo-periosteal Orthopaedic Acupuncture System.

It is a scientific, diagnostic and therapeutic method that examines, treats and in most cases cures musculoskeletal and neurological disorders and chronic pain.

Modern humanity suffers from various serious diseases that obliterate in short time and our medicine is still powerless to deal with them. Yet there is another health problem, not as dramatic as clinical prognosis, but agonizing in its progress – the most serious pathophysiological phenomenon –

Pain… chronic pain that persists for years. One which is difficult to be described by the patient or be localized by the doctor, the one which has no clear aetiology with obvious morphological substrate and accompanying inflammatory processes.

This enigmatic, silent epidemic has embarrassed the medical guild throughout written history, yet due to the serious researches performed worldwide through the last 70 years in the field of soft tissue rheumatism, fibromyalgia and myofascial syndromes, today we know the true reason of this vast human suffering, mainly the compression of peripheral (spinal-cord) nerves from distinct musculoskeletal structures.

In other words, elements of the locomotor apparatus and elements of the nervous system should not be in mechanical conflict anywhere in the body. Any direct, aggressive contact between them causes pathology/suffering. Most often the conflicts that occur in the spine, among the spinal cord (medulla spinalis) and any of its related 31 pairs of spinal cord nerves (structurally and functionally), lie in the basis of almost all problems connected to the human motor system. Their potential decompression is the most important element in the complex treatment of the motion disorders and the musculoskeletal pain.

In relation to this discovery, it became clear that syndromes and diseases such as migraine, chronic vertebral pain, “frozen shoulder” and “tennis elbow” syndromes, fibromyalgia, tendonitis and aseptic necrosis possess one and the same aetiology and pathogenesis.

In this method long and thin needles (with the help of a special injector) are introduced with surgical precision in the deepest, inaccessible muscles. Thus, by lowering their tone and pathological contractures and shortenings, it achieves a decompression of sensitive and well-protected nerves and creates a condition for the healing process to take place. With its ability to reach, and therapeutically influence, the deepest structures of the body, MyoPuncture™ could be compared to surgery. This naturopathic, micro-invasive method achieves superior healing effects without the typical side effects that result from most surgical interventions such as: scar tissue formation, potential risk of infection, prolonged rehabilitation period, persisting pain and psychological stress…

According to the way it was formed, developed and practiced today, MyoPuncture™ incorporates the following sub-methods:

  • Injector-based Musculo-Periosteal Puncture – this technique is based on the Japanese Ryodoraku Acupuncture

  • Gunn’s Intramuscular Stimulation

  • Travell & Simons’ myofascial pain theory

  • the Cyriax concept

  • Hua Tuo Deep Spinal Acupuncture – an ancient method with 9 needles, perfected with the application of special electrical and laser frequencies.

  • Modern Acupuncture Anaesthesia – a practice developed by Chinese physicians over the past 50 years, where the positioning of a certain amount of needles in special points of the body can have a good anaesthetic effect (and the affected zone can be surgically treated without need for any drug anaesthesia and/or painkillers).

  • Biopuncture – a complex technique for deep infiltration of bioactive substances (combinations of homeopathic and phyto-products, local anaesthetics, corticosteroids, NSAIDs, neurotropic vitamins, alloplants etc.) into affected tissues. This technique should be distinguished from Mesotherapy, where drugs are introduced quite superficially into the mesoderm. In Biopuncture the infiltration takes place in the deepest structures of the motor system, accompanied by maximum precision and accuracy thanks to the perfect knowledge of the three-dimensional anatomy.

MYOPUNCTURE ORTHOPAEDICS™ is a sub method and is a perfect combination of non-aggressive joint manipulations and comprehensive soft-tissue techniques.

The reason to impose the foundation of this orthopaedic manipulative system is the mournful professional conclusion of many prominent clinicians: that established methods such as Chiropractics, Osteopathy and Manual Therapy are unable to cope with many of the severe motor disorders and the pain syndromes related to them, without mentioning the therapeutic mistakes that lead to permanent disability (or even death) regularly mentioned in the American and Canadian press. This happens mainly because of implementation of joint manipulations without the necessary muscle relaxation.

Due to the rigidity of the affected motor units, the therapist is forced to achieve the “sacred” manipulative separation of the articular surfaces by applying much more mechanical power than necessary, resulting in permanent damage of the ligament system of the manipulated joints with subsequent hypermobility and rapid degeneration (arthrosis) and paralysis when nerves are damaged or, in the worst case, death from ischemic stroke when vertebral arteries are affected. In Myopuncture Orthopaedics™, the joint techniques must be preceded by extremely precise muscle preparation, leading to total relaxation of the deep paravertebral muscles and allowing for separation of articular surfaces to be obtained with very fine and precise manipulative actions.

The principle combination of acupuncture with soft-tissue techniques and joint manipulations is not new. The new concept of MyoPuncture™ is the apprehension that joints are passive participants in the movement and that the muscular hyper-contracture lies at the base of joint blockages and that immobilization of the facet vertebral joints are associated with the shortening of the deepest paravertebral muscles, mainly the rotators and multifidi. Only the skilful and permanent decompression can guarantee the intactness of the medullar channel and the intervertebral foramina, i.e. functional decompression of peripheral nervous structures which control the skeletal muscles.

Unfortunately, in many cases, Chinese Acupuncture and Manual Therapy cannot penetrate so deep into the body. Only the MyoPuncture™ injector, operating with up to 12 cm needles, is able to precisely reach those muscles and therapeutically influence them. The most valuable quality of skeletal muscles is their ability to contract, yet at the same time their most dangerous dysfunction is hyper-contraction … From this point of view, the conclusion imposes itself …the control of muscular tone is the foundation of any successful treatment of the human motion system…


  •  Do you suffer from persisting chronic pain? You’ve already tried medications and physiotherapy, but the problem is still there!

  • Do you have a disk herniation compressing your cervical or lumbar nerves, causing serious inflammation, pain and motion disability?

  • Did you undergo a surgical operation and still can’t recover from the pain?

  • Are you a professional athlete who didn’t compete for a long time because of serious, untreatable injuries?

  • Did you have an accident and got partially or fully paralysed, without any hope of ever recovering?

  • Were you diagnosed with fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis or some other serious diseases?

  • Are you under stress, depressed or permanently tired?

Frankly, if you don’t feel well and need another competent opinion concerning your problems,

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